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会议在下午5点举行.m. 除非另有声明,否则将通过Zoom发布. 


Friday, April 26, 2024, 12:30 pm


The president-elect is elected annually and will serve a three year term—one year as president-elect, one year as president, 然后当了一年董事会主席. 董事会秘书和财务主管的任期将错开两年. 所有其他成员的任期为三年.

Jerry Woods '97

Board Chair

Term: 2021-2024

杰里·伍兹97年毕业于沃拉沃拉大学,成绩为B.A. in mass communications. During his time on campus, he worked at Positive Life Radio where he continues to do a weekend show. He jumped into media with both feet and it has taken him to Christian radio stations in Idaho, North Carolina, and Washington D.C. In D.C., he currently serves as the morning host and director of promotions for WGTS 91.每周接近60万人. 他和克里斯托结婚了,他们有两个女儿, Adilynn and Maya, 谁期待有一天参加世界大学.



Term: 2022-2025

丽莎·杰维·伦诺克斯获得了英语学士学位. Following graduation, she worked in the Registrar’s Office and taught College Writing. She taught one year at Greater Boston Academy before earning her MA in English at Western Washington Univ. 她回到WW担任助理. Director for the TLC, overseeing the Writing Center and developing a special services program for students with disabilities. 在过去的二十年里, 她和丈夫大卫曾在伊萨卡的康奈尔大学工作, NY. Lisa is the Assistant Director of Volunteer Initiatives for Alumni Affairs. Memorable experiences at WWU include forging lifelong friendships while working on the Collegian, 在唐尼·里格比的指导下成为了一名读者戏剧专家, and being the recipient of numerous acts of kindness by dear WWU faculty and staff who, Lisa says, taught her to be a critical thinker while simultaneously demonstrating how to be a gracious and generous human being. 她和大卫有两个女儿,萨拉和汉娜,她们都是20多岁. In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading, gardening, 和别人分享她的插花, and traveling.

Brad Brown '98


Term: 2023-2026

Brad Brown ’98 graduated with bachelor's degree in theology and pastored in the Washington and Montana conferences for 14 years. 后来他毕业于安德鲁斯大学,获得牧师博士学位. In 2012 he accepted the position of Director of Mission and Spiritual Care for Adventist Health Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California. 布拉德娶了梅莱·斯宾塞(97届),他们有两个孩子. 不幸的是,在与癌症抗争6年后,Melea于2018年去世.  Five months later the town of Paradise experienced the worst wild fire in the history of California. Brad was recognized for his efforts in saving patients and community during Campfire by TIME magazine as hero of the year 2018.  Brad has remained in the Paradise community to support the rebuild efforts and finish raising his children who both now attend 沃拉沃拉大学. Jaron is a junior electrical engineering student and Alina is a freshman pre-dental hygiene student. 布拉德喜欢骑越野车,飞钓和旅行.


Jimmy Johnson '97


Term: 2022-2024

Jimmy Johnson graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting. Jimmy has worked as the assistant treasurer and corporation treasurer for Upper Columbia Conference for the past 20 years. He is married to Debbie and together they have three children: Chloe (senior at WWU), Tori(加州大学一年级)和Jack(六年级). 吉米喜欢声乐表演、滑水、露营和阅读.

Laurel Rogers '95


Term: 2021-2023

Laurel Rogers completed a bachelor’s degree with majors in English and speech communication while thoroughly enjoying her four years at WWU. 她还拥有波特兰州立大学的写作硕士学位. Laurel’s passion for clear communication drives her desire to keep alumni well-informed of their board’s activities by serving.

Danielle Craig '11

Term: 2022-2025

Danielle Craigg is a proud graduate of the Honors General Studies program at WWU. 她获得了生物学学士学位, 在她从洛马林达大学获得医学博士学位后. Currently she is perusing a specialization in Preventive Medicine at Stony Brook University and obtaining a Master of Public Health simultaneously. 参与医学生教育, 参与癌症研究, 提高社区对预防医学的认识. She is passionate about lifestyle education, global health, cancer research and disaster preparation. 她目前居住在纽约长岛.

Craig Cummings '94

Term: 2021-2024

Craig Cummings ’94 graduated from 沃拉沃拉大学 with a bachelor of arts in business administration and a minor in aviation. After serving as a flight instructor for the college he went on to instruct and fly traffic watch in the Seattle area followed by a four year stint with Mesa Airlines. Craig was hired as a pilot at Alaska Airlines in 2001 where he currently serves as a Seattle based 737 captain. 他喜欢在当地教会担任青年领袖, 执事和长老,他的爱好包括飞机, home improvement projects and (pre-COVID) attending his two children's sports activities. As the father of a high school senior and an eighth grader he looks forward to being involved at WWU for the next eight years.


Term: 2023-2026

“我是植入物——不是在这里出生,也不是在这里受教育. Our family of four jettisons here in the early 60's from Takoma Park, MD. Carolyn took a job in the accounting office; I managed KGTS and taught communications courses. 我的愿望很简单:寻求合适的教育, 努力成为一个值得信赖的导师. 我将支持合理和及时的观点. 我反对那些没用或不合时宜的. 在这个过程中,我会听取你的意见."

Joy Veverka '04

Term: 2023-2026

Joy Brunt Veverka '04获得课程硕士学位. She began her teaching career at San Diego Academy where she taught for almost 12 years. 后来她在俄勒冈会议教了12年书, 最后在罗杰斯基督复临学校待了19年. For more than a decade of her time at Rogers, she taught education classes for WWU. Additional career experience includes being co-owner of nursing homes on the Oregon coast where she served as administrator of the residential care portion and comptroller. 她的三个孩子,Donny, Deanna和James都是世界大学的校友. She delights in spending time with them and their families including six grandchildren.


Teresa Wilkens '81

Term: 2021-2024

Teresa Wilkens '81 graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in business administration. She and her husband, Carl Wilkens ’81, 在获得学位后不久就以传教士的身份前往非洲, 他在津巴布韦总共服刑12年, Zambia and Rwanda.  In the fall of 1996, Carl and Teresa moved with their 3 children (who later would also become graduates of WWU) to Milo Adventist Academy.  For the next 11 years Teresa worked first as administrative assistant to the principal and later as the accountant for the school.  In 2008, Carl and Teresa founded an educational non-profit to support Holocaust/Genocide educators around the globe.  Teresa & Carl currently reside in Spokane where Teresa serves as part-time receptionist at the Upper Columbia Conference office.  还有对钢琴的终身热爱, 还有和卡尔一起旅行的机会, 特蕾莎也很喜欢她最近的冒险, 从2020年12月她的第一个孙子出生时开始!  

Jodi Wagner ‘92



Claudia Santellano ‘14